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Beetle Wing Earrings

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Need a really unique gift? These earrings are a single elytron from a genus Sternoceras insect hanging from a 935 silver hook.

Commonly called Jewel Beetles because of their gorgeous natural iridescent colours, they are harvested from farms in northern Thailand as a food source. The outer ‘shells’ or elytra protect the insect’s inner, functional wings that it uses to fly, and these are collected for ornamental use - none of the beetle is wasted. 

Although they are so lightweight that it’s easy to forget you’re wearing them, they are very durable & robust - they are the beetle’s armour.

The chances of someone else wearing the same earrings as you is pretty small when you have these on. I also make them with multiple pairs of elytra, producing a cascading and dynamic accessory. Just get in touch if you’d like a matching pendant.