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Beaded Fish Leather Teardrop Earrings

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There earrings are beaded leather made from the skin of a steelhead trout that fed my family. I removed the scales then made the skin into leather to reveal the pattern of the fish. Everyone’s first question is “do they smell like fish?” Then people are amazed that they have no scent at all. They are backed with a stiff piece of white felt in order to provide stability and a foundation for the beaded edge. There is nearly no weight at all to these unique creations.

The hooks are solid 940 Argentium Sterling Silver
• 100% recycled silver
- bright finish is tarnish resistant
• higher silver content and lower copper content than common (925) sterling
• more hypoallergenic than other silver

I process the fish skin in my kitchen, using traditional methods without chemicals or dyes, making use of materials that would otherwise be waste. I back the fish skin with felt when I bead the edge to provide stability and structure.

Indigenous cultures all over the world have traditionally made leather from fish skins for many uses from clothing and shoes to water containers, musical instruments, and windows. In modern times commercial bulk tanning methods are used and mammal hides are favoured because of their size - they require less stitching to get a large continuous piece - so this art form was nearly lost. Thanks to a few people sharing traditional knowledge, it is making a slow comeback. In addition to using skins from fish I eat, a local family fish market saves their scrap skins for me that would otherwise be thrown away. The result is using byproducts destined to be ‘waste’ to create a flexible, durable, and beautiful leather.

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