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Rainbow Dreamcatcher in White

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Native American dreamcatchers make a great gift for kids and I love hearing from children year after year who tell me that their bad dreams stopped once they chose and hung their dreamcatcher.

It was customary to give a dreamcatcher as a baby welcome or birthday gift to be kept by the recipient throughout their journey on Turtle Island. Other traditions say you should choose one for yourself that “calls” to you or that you feel a connection with. In modern times, many people have multiple dreamcatchers because of the positive protection they bring to a space or simply for gorgeous décor. My 3" and 4" sizes are very popular for vehicle rear-view mirrors and for hanging in office cubicles, but I also like to suggest to people that they pack one for children as they go away for sleepovers or camps - not only does it protect them while they are away, but they feel more safe and relaxed to have a little bit of home with them.

I make my dreamcatchers to last a lifetime. The artificial suede and leather that I use is made from recycled plastic materials so it is friendly to Mother Earth and imitation sinew is waxed cotton cord that is extremely strong, making a stable web to catch bad dreams. Most dreamcatcher webs are just twisted, but you’ll see that mine are unique because they are secured with many tiny knots, allowing it to offer enduring protection. I developed this technique on my own - nobody else makes dreamcatchers this way.

This piece is a white leather-finish ring with a sturdy white web. Within the web is a tiny rainbow of glass beads and on its streamers are white feathers, feathers in solid colours of the rainbow, and rainbow coloured plastic beads. 

Using my spin on ancient techniques and teachings, I create traditional protection with a contemporary twist - modern technology allows for bright colours and durable materials. I use plastic beads to keep the weight of the piece low so that it hangs without fear of it falling.

Each Craving Color dreamcatcher is accompanied by my poem describing the legend, based on the teachings I received from elders and knowledge keepers. I pour great attention and care into every one and create them with love and good intent to ensure that the recipient is sure to benefit from the positive energy. The dreamcatcher you will receive may not be the exact one in the photos, but because I hand make them all, you can be sure that it is similar but one-of-a-kind. Colours may vary slightly from what you see because of the difference in digital displays.

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