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About Us

Creating gifts and smiles with my heart and hands

I am jake and I'd like to welcome you to Craving Color 😊 

Here you will find the products of my creativity from jewelry to dreamcatchers and many things in between, all made by me. Head straight to the section you are interested in or browse around the always-changing goodies! I really hope you enjoy your time looking around and if anything you see inspires you, I eagerly welcome custom requests.

You can always rest assured that each piece is infused with love and positive energy, and I pour my heart into each project with the best of intentions. I choose small quantities of best-quality materials to further ensure the final product is long-lasting and reflects my passionate attention to detail.

If you aren’t quite sure if a piece is for you, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I will personally respond and will give you all the details you need before you make your choice.

Craving Color One~of~a~Kind Gifts is truly my heart's project. I have always enjoyed creating, and making people happy is what I believe to be my true purpose. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada but was raised "off the grid" and I have an inherent respect for nature and our environment. My love and admiration of the Earth, her inhabitants, and her gifts has ended up in this creative venture.

My late Grandmother gave me my first beading kit when I was eight years old and I have been hooked ever since. My appreciation of the beauty all around us grows stronger all the time, and I try to incorporate nature and tradition in all of my art, while at the same time trying to be different and unique.

My goal is to provide people with the ability to express their individuality and not get caught up in mass-production and fads. I also hope to spread around a little bit of knowledge about my Indigenous culture as I have learned it, which relies heavily on the care and respect for our beautiful world and for each other.

In about 2007, Craving Color was born with the overwhelming support and encouragement of my family. From working festival booths in past years, to packaging products and monitoring inventory today, they have been there to support me as I grow and evolve. They encouraged me to rebuild after suffering a debilitating theft that shut me down for a few years - and Craving Color would have faded away if not for my loved ones’ perseverance in prodding me to chase my dream once more.

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